We are a Gaming Clan transitioning from PS3 to the PS4 platform, based in USA EST. (-5GM)
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 New Squads & the Clan Chain of Command

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Clan Leader (Admin)
Clan Leader (Admin)

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PostSubject: New Squads & the Clan Chain of Command   Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:35 pm

TO: STP Clan
FR: MercuryRising
RE: STP CLAN Squads and Chain of Command
D/T: 20SEP2008 at 1230hrs (12:30PM) -5 GM.

Deathscyth_ and Gentlemen,

Our Clan has been restructured and is gearing up for the release of Call of Duty: World at War. It is time that our clan start getting ready for World at War. COD4 has been a great game to play and we will still play it but when World at War releases in November, we will need to make the transition to this game.

STP is still the place where we get after it, together, on the battlefield. In the last month, we have trimmed down to 36 members. Acquaintances and friendships have been started and I couldn't be happier with the overall quality of our membership. Thank you for being here.

I've broken the Clan down into 3 Squads. I'm going to have Martin (MART1N_NUFC) and Mark (fingerhitter) try and grow the STP Brand in the United Kingdom. First squad is now STP - U.K.. They will recruit and grow their squad to 16-24 players. I will talk more about this later. The other two squads fall under STP - North America. Currently, there will be a East Region and a Central/West Region.

The purpose for breaking the Clan down into three squads is for the following:
* Each squad is broken down (by best available information provided by you the clan) into three regions and time of day our players play.
* This should help you guys know who the people are in your region.
* Adding Squads adds people to the clan Chain of Command.
* It helps to disseminate information up and down the chain of command from me to you.
* Your squads will be where you do your training.
* Your squads will be used to practice against other squads.

*** This doesn't mean that we won't hold clan practices or that you can't play with or join your other clanmates when your online at the same time. Squads will be used for official clan business, practices, gamebattle teams, etc.***

All questions relating to COD4 training, practice, and training subject matter should be directed to your team leader and squad leader. If you haven't gotten the desired answer to your problem solved, then you can use my open door policy and speak to DonMat, Shamos, phatmike21 or myself to get the answer.

Also, I want to make it clear that if the Squad Leader or Team Leader's aren't doing there job, I will ask you to step down and replace you with someone else willing to do the job.

Remember, the whole experience at STP is suppose to be fun. But I need to have the right people in place to make this whole thing work properly. I've chosen the Squad Leaders and Team Leaders based on the time and communication I've had with them as well as their real life and gaming experience.

I'm issuing a challenge to the entire Strategic Tactics Protocol Clan. DON'T BE THE WEAK LINK ON YOUR TEAM, SQUAD, CLAN.

Below is the chain of command and squad break down:

FIRST SERGEANT: phatmike21

U.K. Squad:

Group Leader:
MART1N_NUFC Newcastle, England

Assist. Leader:
fingerhitter Walsall, England

mrtn87 London, England
BirdmanTaylor London, England
cobradowngriggs Dublin, Ireland
Vietman Dublin, Ireland
c0nqu3reR01 Endinburgh, Scotland
Ghosty U.K.
smallzie U.K.

N.A. - East Region Squad:

Group Leader:
DonMat23, New Jersey

Assist. Leaders:
Shamos98, Massachusetts
JC_Buckwilder, Massachusetts

jp93, Florida
tripl_b, Florida
LazVaz, Florida
Blackrain_VA, Virginia
surfthesurf, Virginia
ProjectBeatdown, Virginia
Biggs1028, Maryland
gluis01, New Jersey
Patdr, New Jersey
chipicau, New Jersey
TheRealProdigy, Maine
chaw109, Maine

N.A. - Central/West Region Squad:

Group Leader:
weddingsinger, North Dakota

Assist. Leaders:
phatmike21, Oklahoma
DA_FRIDGE1, Louisiana

meatpistol21, Louisiana
Deathscyth_, California
mrtakeurbeezy, California
Chaos_squadron, California
clickhappy, Washington
fresh52, Ohio
skcit, Ohio
jsnlrkn, Tennessee
chavezmr25, Missouri
OV3RK1LL49, Ontario
Arthray, Quebec


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PostSubject: Re: New Squads & the Clan Chain of Command   Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:54 pm

All hail DonMat23! Thanks Merc! It all looks good. I will probably trade in BFBC for the new Call of Duty. Can't wait......
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New Squads & the Clan Chain of Command
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