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Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel

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PostSubject: netflix   Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:36 am

so i noticed just about everyone has netflix. so what are yall watching on it? ive been watching a tv series called firefly, its a mixture between star wars and a western. it has kind of a cheesy feel to it but the actors are great. its a really good series and it spawned a movie called serenity. but the series is better in my opinion. also i watched restrepo, its a documentary about the one year deployment of an army platoon in afghanistan. its pretty amazing to see what these guys go through, constantly taking fire and watching friends get killed. they sneak onto this hill in the middle of occupied forces in the middle of the night and build a base out of dirt while trading fire at the same time. it also gives you a look at some of the dealings between the armed forces and the locals. they pretty much treated the locals like shit. but thats war i guess.

so what has everyone else been watching on netflix? i need something new to watch.
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PostSubject: Re: netflix   Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:22 am

I loved Firefly and I look forward to seeing Restrepo.

I know many people enjoy 24, and they have several seasons available. Also, Weeds is supposedly pretty funny, but I've only seen about 6 episodes and that was quite a while ago, so I can't really give you a helpful review. There are many seasons of the Office. I think it also has Arrested Development, which is my favorite comedy TV series ever.

I like some of the documentaries, especially the national geographic series and a couple of the Spanish language films.

Recently, I watched Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious, and it was probably the funniest stand-up comedy I've ever seen.

It also has classics like the Warriors.

It lacks the movie channel TV series and some of the newer releases, but it is a great addition to PSN and now that it has a decent interface, a functional search feature and the fact that it is software as opposed to the disc we used to have to insert, it is a huge WIN.


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Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: netflix   Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:01 am

Yeah i love Netflix. Lately thats the only reason why i turn on my PS3.

But i saw that Restrepo movie as well and like Fridge i recommend it a lot. Great movie.

I love to watch Documentaries. There is one called Food Inc which is about where all of our food really comes from. Its very surprising.
Frontline: The Madoff Affair about the whole Madoff ponzi scheme.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room about how the whole Enron collapse happened
Man on Wire is about a guy who while the Twin towers were being built managed walk from 1 tower to the other on a high wire.

I like watching Stand up comedy and the Daniel Tosh program is hilarious. i HIGHLY recommend everyone watch Kevin Hart Seriously Funny. it is hilarious.

One movie i was surprised was any good is Law Abiding Citizen. Its pretty good.
The King of Kong is about these 2 guys who have a bitter rivalry and they are bothe trying to beat each others world record.
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PostSubject: Re: netflix   

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