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 Map Pack 3 Preview

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PostSubject: Map Pack 3 Preview   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:31 pm

Moniko has again returned from CA where he got to preplay Map Pack 3. Here is his preview review.

Here is my Map Pack 3 write up.

Incase you have been hiding under a rock for the past week or so Map
Pack 3 is due to be released August 6th for both Playstation 3 and Xbox
360. It consists of three new multiplayer maps, (Battery, Breach,
& Revolution) it also contains a new zombie map – Der Riese. Like
before Treyach has created maps that are as aesthetically pleasing as
they are fun to play.

I’ll jump right in and give my write up for each of the 4 maps!

Battery – “An armored island surrounded by anti-ship mines and
shore to ship cannons, "Battery" places soldiers on a mid-sized map
based on Fort Drum (El Fraile Island) in the Philippines. Expect plenty
of areas to hide and heavy close quarters combat!”

This map was one of my favorites. I liked how there was adequate
cover and an interesting layout to the overall map. You’ll find that
while it can really be used for running and gunning with many areas for
close quarters combat, that there are areas off the sides with long
straight runs that allow you to either snipe or give your rifles a work
out. For objective games like CTF and Domination you’ll find that this
map will provide you with good challenging matches. The reason for
this has to do with the multiple flanking locations. You can’t just
camp one spot to guard your objectives. If you do you’ll soon find
that someone is right behind you…

All in all, I’m looking forward to spending lots of time on this
map trying to explore every nook and cranny and getting some good games
in on this map.

Breech – “Overwhelm the enemy in "Breach," set in Berlin's overcast
and crowded city streets surrounding the historic Brandenburg Gate.
Only the fittest will survive in this fast-paced, dense battlefield!”

Like the description this map is really two separate sides with
the Brandenburg Gate down the middle. There is a large open area on
both sides of the gate with buildings around the perimeter allowing you
access to the second floors and windows to guard objectives. I think
this is the best map out of the three if you are a sniper. There are
many open areas that you could easily snipe in but you have to
constantly look over your shoulder, because you can easily be flanked
as well. In the few matches we played on this map it was easy to see
how you can get a good balance of run and gun and long range action in
on a single map. Good times in my opinion.

Revolution – “"Revolution" pits soldiers against each other in
Russia's cold city streets and large factory environment. Keep your
fingers warm, your gun loaded, and your head low through this
sniper-friendly territory!”

This is another map where you have larger open areas and
surrounding buildings to snipe at enemies. This map however does lead
more to closer combat. You’ll find that you have to choose your shots
wisely. You can either try and shoot at the guy you see in the window
across the map and give your location away or try and put the sneak on
them and get a better shot. Could lead to some really good sniper
battles, but with the amount of cover it lets a run and gunners make
the rounds knifing window campers as well. It could be lots of fun
with a diverse group of classes.

Der Riese – “The undead horde approaches! Fight for your life in
"Der Riese" (Zombie Factory), an all-new Zombie map set in a secret
Nazi research facility featuring the Pack A Punch Machine, a device
capable of upgrading weapons at the touch of a button. Use the
teleporters to escape the vicious Hell Hounds and pray that the
Wunderwaffe will appear before it's too late. This map includes 10 new

The latest addition to the Nazi Zombies is the most involved and
intricate of the series. This brings back having to activate the power
to use traps & perk machines. All of your favorite perks are still
in Der Riese and there are still the electric gate traps like in
previous versions. I was a bit bummed that there wasn’t something that
equaled the flogger but the Pack – A – Punch quickly made up for
everything. The Pack – A – Punch can be used after you link all of the
teleporters and it allows you to upgrade your weapon and make it
“godly”. I personally never made it far enough to use it in the few
matches I played, but I was sitting next to the WeTheGamerz crew and
they did activate it and use it. It can turn even a simple weapon into
the best weapon in the game. I can’t wait to go through and see what
all the guns can turn into. I know that the browning and PPSH give you
larger ammo clips and fire at faster rates, the ray gun also has higher
ammo capacity and clip size and apparently it doesn’t damage you if you
use it in close quarters. It really seems like unlocking the Pack – A
– Punch is almost more important than spending points trying to get the
latest and greatest guns from the mystery box. There is plenty of new
information on the walls for those of you who really are into the
zombies story line. All in all I think that Treyarch outdid themselves
with this new zombie mode…

In my opinion the zombies is worth the $10.00 alone. The
additional 3 mp maps are a great addition as well. I for one will
definitely be picking up Map Pack Three as soon as I get home from work
on Thursday & I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the battle
field Wink


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PostSubject: Re: Map Pack 3 Preview   Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:38 pm

I downloaded the new map pack last night, the maps are outstanding Breech and Revolution are beautifully done and playing on them is awesome and the new zombies "map" OMG......FN' crazy...the best one yet.

Definately worth 10 bucks ...guys if you didnt sell your World at War put it back in your PS3 and get these maps.....well worth it.

Oh...I also downloaded Map Pack 2 during the "COD4 cheating week" and those maps are outstanding also.

MAJ DonMat23
[STP] - XO

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PostSubject: Re: Map Pack 3 Preview   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:34 pm

Like I said the new Zombies from Map Pack 3 is awesome it is so much fun.....Guys you really got to get this....

MAJ DonMat23
[STP] - XO

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PostSubject: Re: Map Pack 3 Preview   Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:15 am

Thats a sweet video, and does anybody know what the song was? If people are going to be getting this (even just for the zombies) and will be playing for a while i may get it.

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PostSubject: Re: Map Pack 3 Preview   Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:27 am

Martin, I think the name of the song is "Beauty of Annihilation by elena siegman" I found someones comment on YouTube and this is what they posted. Singer is the musicman around here maybe he knows?!?!

Oh and I'm going to definately be playing this Zombies is awesome.....I've been playing ALOT of HC TDM & SnD on World at War and I really, really like it....I think that I didnt give World at War a real chance when it came out and now I regret it. It really is a very good game .... and I LOVE the new maps.

MAJ DonMat23
[STP] - XO

"Time to Nut up or Shut up"
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PostSubject: Re: Map Pack 3 Preview   

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Map Pack 3 Preview
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