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 New and Updated STP Clan Rules (as of 22 MARCH 2011)

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PostSubject: New and Updated STP Clan Rules (as of 22 MARCH 2011)   Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:28 pm

Special Tactics Protocol [STP]

Here is a list of rules we expect our members to follow in order for them to be allowed to play in our Clan. These rules apply to everyone regardless of their rank and failure to comply will result in appropriate punishment. If you see a member misbehaving don't hesitate to report him or her to me or a moderator.

Dignity and Honor

As a bearer of the STP tag, everything you do or say in games, will reflect back on us as a clan. As a member, you represent our entire clan and we want, of course, to look good but we are not prudes.

We do NOT tolerate any type of racist or sexist abuse and if caught, you will be permanently banned from the STP Clan. Also refrain from directly insulting other players. Expressing frustration is a normal, healthy thing to do, but don't let it get personal or it will result in a warning, or if it continues, a 14 day ban. I however won't continue to take shit from a 14 year old or anybody else talking smack and acting like assholes towards our clan. It will be your call how you respond and I won't have any hard feelings towards you about it. We are just not going to start the smack talking. Treat people with respect so you may be treated with respect in return. In the end, it is just a game anyway.

Clan Loyalty

Clan exclusivity is one of the main requirements for joining Special Tactics Protocol. If you are a member of another Clan prior to joining STP, you need to leave your former clan. Make sure you are not in any other clan when you apply to join STP.

Alot of members with several years in the clan have decided to set up a sub-account using STP_ in front of desired name. Please remember that you (and I) are representing the STP Clan and I want us to be elite and respected in every way.

Starting Rank

When you join the Special Tactics Protocol Clan, you will initially be ranked as "FNG" (military slang for F**king New Guy). This rank, or rather status, will remain until you have made 15 post in the forums.

Members with the “FNG” status will not be able to participate on the Gamebattles Team. As soon as you have been signed off passing the “FNG” phase, your rank will become “Corporal” and you can now be eligible to play on the competition team (if space available).

This is how the rank structure and Chain of Command will go in the STP Clan:
Clan Leader
Co-Leader (XO)
Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
Sergeant Major (SGM)
Squad Leader
Assist. Squad Leader

Senior Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Senior Veteran



Following the Chain of Command

When playing in our Clan as a STP Member you must follow the 'Chain of Command'. Meaning, if a higher ranking member asks you to perform a certain task in the game, then you must comply and execute this 'order'. Naturally, if such an order goes against clan rules you are within your right to ignore this order.

An example of an order you can follow without question: Squad Leader instructs you to stay and guard plant site A in Hardcore Search & Destroy and not to move until told to do so or you are the last person remaining.

An example of an order that can be ignored: a higher ranking clanmate instructs you to teamkill a fellow clanmate as to take the points for disarming the bomb.

Make sure you are up to date on the STP Clan Chain of Command and know your fellow Clan Members' positions so you know who your superior ranking members are, and also which members are in your squad.

Team Balancing/Overfill Situations

This is where knowing where you stand in the chain of command comes into play. First priority should go to your assigned squad. Squads should play and practice together and start team building. If there are not enough squad members playing, then senior clan members will fill up a team. You will need to start a second team with what’s available and wait for slots to open. Senior ranking members of the Clan can choose to give up their spot to a junior member. Ranking clanmates need to be aware of who’s playing and fill teams accordingly. Even though you might have seniority on another clan member playing in a full group, the said group isn't going to leave in the middle of a match to come and pick you up. Once the game is complete, the senior member leading the party can choose one of the following options:
1) continue playing with the full group (send message to member waiting letting them know the party is full) or
2) go out and pick up the senior member waiting patiently to get into the game.
3) break into assigned squads and play short handed

Sending invites to join a match.

We have all been playing on the Play Station Network (PSN) long enough now to know that when someone from your friends list comes online, you are made aware of this fact. We have all been frustrated while in a match (and trying to switch a weapons class, etc.) and you have to clear multiple invites before be able to continue in a match. It is only necessary to send 1 invite to the senior clanmate playing. When clanmate gets a chance, they will send you a message saying wait, full, etc. Please comply with message and be patient.

Cheating & Glitching

Definition: Cheating. 1. To violate rules deliberately, as in a game. 2. A computer application, password, or disallowed technique used to advance to a higher skill level in a computer video game. Glitching. a defect or malfunction in a machine or game (i.e.- getting off a map.)

Cheating will not be tolerated during game play or in competition matches at Gamebattles. Glitching that takes you off, under, over or to a place the game maker did not design for players to be is also unacceptable. Glitching is a very gray area and if in doubt ask clan leader to make final decision.

If a player is found guilty of cheating, said player will be banned from all clan activity for 14 days. If same player caught cheating a second time, result is permanent ban from Clan.

Chatting in Game

Is encouraged as long as it pertains to the in-game strategy and passing on key information that aids the team in winning. Playing music, singing, or conversation not associated with the task at hand is unacceptable. If a senior clanmate tells you that the chatter is unnecessary than obey the order to stop. If you can’t then the clanmate running the party can kick you for someone else (if available). The highest ranking member should report any violation up the chain of command.

If you do feel the need to chat to a player about things not related to the game you should invite them to an off-game in a private lobby. Please do not bother other people with personal conversations.

Staying Informed

It is your duty as a member of STP to stay informed on clan news and events so that you are always up to date on recent developments. You can do so by reading the forums frequently, which is where the bulk of this information can be found.

Account Inactivity

Make sure to show your face once in a while here in the forums and on the PS3 or any other gaming platform STP plays on in the future. New members who have been inactive for more than 60 days may find themselves kicked from the clan. We like our members to visit frequently so we know you are still involved with the clan. If you are kicked for being inactive for more than 60 days, you will not be notified. We understand of course, if you have things going on in your personal life, such as school, which is keeping you from getting in the game. You can email or PM your squad leader or anybody above and tell them of your situation so we know you are still interested in being in the clan but simply don't have the time to play.

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New and Updated STP Clan Rules (as of 22 MARCH 2011)
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